us independence day celebration at school 66

us independence day celebration at school 66

Great night and a warm welcome to all of you.

I am satisfied to praise the 241st commemoration of the autonomy of the United States of America with our numerous St. Lucian companions and associates.

The current year’s festival respects the notorious United States thruway, Route 66. A large number of you may not realize that Route 66, frequently called the Main Street of America, extended in excess of twenty four hundred miles from Chicago to Los Angeles.

us independence day celebration at school 66

This two-path street — one of the first U.S. roadways — symbolized flexibility, experience and independence day celebration at school 66

Those ideas are as critical to Americans today as when the street was first worked in 1926. Actually, they go the distance back to the establishing of our country.

Be that as it may, even as we think back today in festivity, we likewise look forward. The connection between the United States and St. Lucia is as solid as ever.

us independence day celebration at school 66

Much like Route 66 bound together the differing societies and geology of the United States, the collusions between our nations bring together us. Those binds will keep on being essential as we cooperate to guarantee our mutual thriving and security.

The U.S. Government as of late discharged another multi-year Caribbean commitment system that sets up a structure for upgrading the thriving and security of the Caribbean and for reinforcing U.S. relations with the legislatures and individuals of the Caribbean, the diaspora, common society and the private division.

us independence day celebration at school 66
us independence day celebration at school 66

As the “third outskirt” of the United States, the Caribbean is indispensable to our endeavors to progress popularity based standards, upgrade provincial security collaboration, and increment exchange and interest in the Western Hemisphere.

The multi-year technique underpins U.S. endeavors to propel Caribbean associations in six territories: flourishing, security, discretion, instruction, wellbeing and vitality. We are focused on supporting Prime Minister Chastanet’s endeavors to fortify the control of law here in St. Lucia. Our dedication is shown by the help our Rule of Law Advisor gives in refreshing obsolete enactment. These authoritative changes will expand St. Lucia’s ability to address cutting edge difficulties, for example, digital interruption and transnational trafficking.

us independence day celebration at school 66

We additionally gave office hardware to the Director of Public Prosecutions’ office to modernized frameworks and procedures and we will make comparable gifts to the St. Lucia High Court and the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court.

Today around evening time, the Boys Training Center Band will perform for you. Other than being an awesome band who will engage us, they are an image of our association with St. Lucia. Under stage one of USAID’s Juvenile Justice Reform Program, we helped with updating the programming, hardware and offices at the Center.

Our help to St. Lucia’s endeavors to diminish youth wrongdoing and viciousness proceeds with the beginning of USAID’s new Youth Empowerment Services (YES) Project.

Under the Yes Project, we are working with the Government of St. Lucia to create information based arrangements and projects that lessen the hazard factors driving youth wrongdoing, savagery, and exploitation. We will advance a group based approach, focusing on the groups of Castries Central, Anse-La-Raye, Soufriere, Dennery, and Vieux Fort. We will likewise proceed with our endeavors to advance adolescent equity change, attempting to move the focal point of the adolescent equity framework from discipline to restoration.

us independence day celebration at school 66

Another essential image of our companionship is the Peace Corps nearness in St. Lucia throughout the previous 55 years.

The Peace Corps program in the Eastern Caribbean is our third-most established on the planet. Several Americans adapted more about St. Lucia and the Eastern Caribbean by living and working with you here. Much obliged to you for influencing them to welcome. Recently, I went by another gathering of 38 Peace Corps volunteers at the Desruisseaux Community Center who are preparing to help proficiency for understudies in grades one to three in elementary schools over the island and in St. Vincent, Dominica and Grenada.

Beginning in September, USAID will band together with the Ministry of Education to enhance the proficiency levels of youth inside the whole St. Lucia grade educational system.

At last, we perceive that fiasco flexibility and practical, less expensive vitality are vital issues to everybody on the island of St. Lucia. We are collaborating here as well.

USAID’s new Caribbean Clean Energy Program in the Eastern Caribbean is working in St. Lucia to help build up powerful approach and administrative conditions, and additionally impetuses, for more noteworthy vitality productivity and low-discharge development in the vitality segment.

Security, thriving, training and vitality — these ties tie together our connections in St. Lucia and the Eastern Caribbean much as Route 66 bound together the numerous U.S. states it went through. We have gone far together. The street in front of us is unverifiable, however regardless of what challenges emerge, I anticipate taking them on with you.

I might want to thank every one of the patrons who gave so liberally to empower us to have this Independence Day Celebration. Much appreciated also to all the Embassy staff working here this evening. Lastly, thank you to the greater part of our visitors for turning out to impart this superb event to us.

I might want to request that you please raise your glasses and go along with me in a toast:

To opportunity, majority rules system and the persevering fellowship between St. Lucia and the United States of America.

It would be ideal if you appreciate the gathering!

us independence day celebration at school 66

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